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Welcome to My Blog where I post regular updates, idea's, exhibition news and things going on in my head. You will forgive me in advance if they appear intermittently as I sometimes struggle to find the time in the day away from cars and crayons. I hope you enjoy my musings ..

Mechanic's Technical Drawings

Mechanic's Technical Drawings

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A local mechanic will be exhibiting some new artwork . Rob Temple from Kirbymoorside has ditched his tools for crayons and produced artwork that will be on show this Sunday ( June 26th ) at the New Inn, Cropton from 2pm. He first started drawing in October 2021 after borrowing some crayons from his friends daughter. Rob, a mechanic at Cropton Garage said "I thought I'll have a quick go and I've never stopped sonce" He described his work as "abstract" and is showcasing it to celebrate his 40th birthday. Rob said that . previously , he never had any interest in artwork. He likened his journey drawing with Forest Gump's journey to running. "I just started drawing" he joked. Drawing is now something Rob enjoys, explaining how he now looks forward to going home after work and returning to his art.


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