"Favourite Time 12.34 because everything is in order at that time of day, it always makes me smile when I see that time of day"

Rob Temple 11/22 (from the New Inn Exhibition)

"Favourite Number 11, because if you are in the middle you have one either side"

Rob Temple 11/22 (from the New Inn Exhibition)

About Me

Nowhere better to start than I was born arse-first, from then on it has been a strange complicated life.  My Mother always said if I had been the first I’d have been her last, as Lovely as she is I tested her along the way, along with most of the folk I’ve met !

Rob Temple Continued ..

I am sure that I’m right most of the time, even if I’m wrong, I’m sure we can both be right.  There is no simple answer to any question in life, there is always a variable.  Everything is just a matter of opinion!  When somebody says Someone is on the Spectrum – who are they talking about.  Where are they if they are not on the Spectrum, I’m proud to say I am on the Spectrum, I’m sure I smile and enjoy myself more than the Mainstream Folk.

After pursuing a career as a mechanic and MOT Tester for over twenty years, and prior to that, on leaving school I became a Trainee Chef and qualified as a Chef within a year or two.  I have enjoyed both careers and had some degree of success in both, and in fact as a mechanic I have actually run the business of Cropton Garage Ltd., but the two legged beast, as in Joe Public is wearing me down and there is an endless supply of them, and as one goes another replaces them.  Some are nice, please don’t get me wrong, but to try to get rid of these stresses of my day to day job I picked up the Crayons.  Almost immediately something in me Sparked, something changed and happened to my thought process!

My new hobby -  looking back, my drawings are really not that clever  However I know there was something I wanted to pursue, however I hope you all or at least some of you ENJOY and APPRECIATE my style of drawings which I have done over one hundred in just over  a year since this all started.

I hope to add, almost weekly to “Rob’s Random Drawings" website (see blog the latest blog posts here)

If you wish to know more, hopefully my friends or acquaintances will help fill in the gaps.  They will tell you of the interesting Topsy Turvy life I have lived up to this day.  Hopefully there will be just as much ahead, as I now at the age of 40 years.  So there you go……..Particularly to the folk who have been nagging me to progress.

That’s it from me now, I need to get on with some drawings.  They speak a lot of words far easier for me……


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Changing our perception of the world, one drawing at a time ..

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